Parkdale Elementary Weekly Update


This Week...

The rain was refreshing this weekend. I hope everyone enjoyed that and then the warm sun on Sunday.

Have a great Week!


Referral Process Reminders

There have been a lot of questions about how to complete the referral process when dealing with student misbehavior. No problem. Lets see if we can clear up some of the most common questions.

Here are some basics:

When dealing with minor misconduct (I'll put a form in your box as a reminder for how to know what is minor and what is major). You have the following options:

1. Redirect Student
2. Use the situation as a teachable moment and talk with the student
3. Use a "Stop and Think Sheet". Please give the "Stop and Think" to the homeroom teacher. Please also write a minor referral form. IA staff, please give one copy of the minor referral to Heidi and one to the homeroom teacher. Teachers, please give a copy of all minor misconduct referrals that you fill out to Heidi as soon as possible.

When dealing with Major Misconduct please do the following:
1. Escort student to the office
2. Complete referral form and place in Gus's Box

Teachers: 3 minor misconduct referrals for the same behavior within 3 months = a major misconduct.

An Update on our ExCEL After School Program

We are in the process of determining how ExCEL can best support our students. Here are a few updates:

Jess and Rhonda will be your contacts for communicating student academic needs. Jess is supporting math instruction and Rhonda will be supporting reading. We are still in the process of determining how they can best provide this support. We talked at our RTI meeting last month about developing a tool to help communicate student learning and where to focus support. This work is ongoing and I look forward to talking at our upcoming staff meeting about our progress in this.

Teaching the Mountaineer Expectations: Week 6

Here is the Week 6 plan for teaching our Parkdale Mountaineer Expectations:

Week 6:

Thank you for your work teaching expectations in the first few weeks. We are in the reinforcing and re-teaching time as needed.

Growth Mindset at Parkdale Elementary

Here is a Growth Mindset Strategy to consider for the week:

Know that every experience and relationship matters
This something that we do well at Parkdale. It is a good reminder that our efforts in personal connections and relationships help students to develop a growth mindset.

Other ideas that we came up with as a staff are linked below:

Front Hall Art Display

Classroom Teachers,

Please sign up for your month to display art work on the board in front of the office. Please follow this link to the Googledoc sign-up sheet.


Events This Week...

This Week:

Monday 10/12


2:30 IEP Meeting – Shelly’s RM

Tuesday 10/13

2:20 PM – PBIS Committee Meeting

3:30 PM - PLC leader Training w/Jane Osborne

Wednesday 10/14 GREEN DAY (Tech in AM/Bonnie White in PM in Gym)

2:25 PM – Staff Meeting

Thursday 10/15

10:15 AM – Earthquake Drill

2:15 PM- BEST Meeting

2:25 PM Art Week Committee Meeting

Friday 10/16

2:10 PM – Reading Intervention Mtg. – Rhonda’s Rm.

Upcoming Dates

· 10/19 2:30 PM - Site Council Meeting – Shelly’s RM

· 10/20 Math Adoption Meeting

· 10/21 PLC Leader Meeting

· 10/21 Growth Coach Meeting

· 10/22 2:20 PM – IEP Meeting

· 10/23 2:10 PM – Reading Intervention Mtg. – Rhonda’s RM

Have a great week!!

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