Summer is here...

Would you like to win a pair of Tory Burch flip flops?

I LOVE mine! Here's how you can get a pair from me in July...

For the lovely ladies on my team:

For every $500 that you sell in July, you will receive a ballot for the draw. You will receive an extra ballot if you sell your first $500 before July 15th.

I will draw for one pair of TORY BURCH flip flops ($50 value) for every 5 people that are entered. Those are great odds!

Remember, you have Dot Dollars working in your favour! Follow up with those clients and remind them of their Dot Dollars at the beginning of the redemption period (July 3 to 11).

Use the fantastic summer weather to your advantage and book "Jewels by the Pool" or "Backyard Bling" trunk shows. Don't forget to leverage the release of the Fall Collection and book with your "Debut Hostesses," whose friends will have the first look at the new collection. There is a sneak peek image that you can use for that in the lounge!

Good luck and thank you for all that you do!

xo Hailey

PS - It isn't too late to join us in Vegas! Check out the Hoopla Preview below. We'd love for you to come. x h
2013 Hoopla Preview