Italy, Southern Europe

The fastest country in the world

Why Go To Italy?

You should go to Italy because of their amazing views. Another reason that you should go to italy is for there amazing car shows that include, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, alfa romeos.The final reason is that there food is spectacular!





The most popular dessert in America. It is deep fried shells with a cream filling.

Apple Bread Pudding

It is a baked dessert that combines bite-size cubes of bread with a rich custard mixture of

cream, eggs, and sugar with fruit and/or spices added


Gelato is an Italian ice cream dessert made from milk and sugar, combined with flavors

Famous People

Leonardo da Vinci

he is historically recognised for his art work

Amy Adams

She is currently known for her acting

Gianluigi Buffon

He is now known for is soccer skills in the 2006 FIFA world championship


Speaking italian

Italian is the official language of Italy
some phrases you might want to know are:
1.Parla Inglese? (Do you speak English?)
2.Grazie (Thank You)
3.Prego-(You are welcome)
4.Per favore Per Piacere (Please)

5.Buon Giorno Good Morning (Good Afternoon)

Government and Economy

Government and Economy

Italy's government is a parliamentary republic.
The leader of Italy is Giorgio Napolitanol
Italy uses the Euro as there currency
$30,600 is the GDP per capita
Engineering products, Textiles and clothing, Production machinery, Motor vehicles, Transport equipment, Chemicals, Food Beverages and tobacco, Minerals, and nonferrous metals are Italy's main exports

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