EVMS Newsletter #38

June 6-8, 2022

Thank You!

It is with mixed feelings to say goodbye to my amazing East Helena Community! I thank you for the wonderful 17 years of children that I have taught and supervised. I will cherish my memories and look back at my career at East Valley Middle School with fondness and gratefulness to have worked in such a giving community! Hugs to my 227 People!!


New 2022-2023 EVMS Principal

EVMS will have a new principal next year. Her name is Mrs. Lynsi Morris. She will be up and running August 1st.

8th Grade Parents

The 8th Grade Decorating Committee for Graduation is looking for extra parents to help decorate for gradation. They will begin decorating at 3:10 PM on Tuesday, June 7th. If you can assist, please join this amazing crew at EVMS at 3:10. Thank you ahead of time for your assistance.

Last Three Days of School

The last three days of school will be C Days at EVMS. Wednesday is Early Release at 1:30 PM.

EVMS Weekly Schedule:

Monday June 6

C Day Periods 1-7

8th Grade Hike up Mt. Helena AM

8th Grade Rockets PM

6th Grade Sidewalk Chalk Drawings at Elementary Schools AM

6th Grade Flying Giant 11:40 leave and back PM

7th Grade Teacher Plan per Class Period

Tuesday June 7, 2022

C Day Periods 1-7

8th Grade Golf Trip AM

8th Grade Yearbook Signing and Graduation Practice PM

6th and 7th Grade Grade Teacher Plan per Class Period

Wednesday June 8, 2022

Early Release 1:30 PM

6th and 7th Grade Gym Fun Day/Yearbook Signing