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Skill Move of the Month

This month's featured move is the step-over dribble also commonly known as the scissor move. This move has been made famous by soccer icons such as Ronaldo, Ronaldhino and Maradona. The move can be done in a variety of ways by utilizing a mix of outside and inside step-overs. Learn how to do it yourself in the video below:
How to Do a Stepover aka Scissor | Soccer Skills

Local Soccer Community

The city of Waterloo is home to many quality soccer fields with some of the biggest hotspots being Wilfred Laurier field, St David's and RIM Park. You can almost always find a group of welcoming, soccer-crazed individuals looking for a good, fun pick-up game. Since there is organized leagues that run in the evening it is suggested to attend during the morning/afternoon or better yet under the lights at night. You will find players of all levels from the highly competitive to players who just looking to have some fun. Other local fields to check out this summer include: Regency Park, St Nicks, Waterloo Park, Budd Park and Woodside Park.

Tips of the Month

  • When watching professional soccer, focus on one position i.e. the one you play and study their positioning, movement and role they play in their team
  • 90 mins of watching sunday soccer could be 90 mins of training
  • Keep a soccer ball around the house and always be working on improving your touch
  • Always trust your instincts and play with a pass first mentality

Advice from the Pros

  • Take responsibility, "A mentally balanced player new hangs his head." - Javier Mascherano
  • "Train with REAL intensity - Fabio Cannavaro, i.e. if you train at a fast pace, you'll play at a fast pace
  • "Out run (work) your competition" - Landon Donovan
  • "Never panic. Always play forward (if you can)" - Raphael Van Der Vaart

Training Drill of the Month

This month's featured training drill is one that incorporates attacking and defending in a one vs. one situation. All that is required for the drill is a small grid, a minimum of one ball and two defenders. The drill is started by the defender passing the ball to the attacker and then it is up to the attacker to try and beat the defender and pass/dribble the ball through the opposing side of the grid. It is the defender's job to prevent the attacker from scoring and ultimate goal to win the ball and go through the opposing side of the grid. After going through the drill, the players switch positions to work on both offensive and defensive play. The drill is very effective in developing ball control in tight spaces, one vs one moves as well as defensive skills in last man/isolation situations. Example shown in the video below:
How to defend in soccer. Defend the ball and defend the player 1v1

Develop Your Skills: Futsal

Futsal is key in developing ball control and passing in small situations where there is not much room at all to work with. Due to the small field situation it is a very back and forth, high pace game. It requires and trains player to react quickly and move the ball. With little room beating more than one player is very challenging forcing players to make the pass. These skills practiced translate very well onto the full field as there is much more room, making players feel as if they have much more time on the ball. Also, players develop tight ball control skills allowing them to be successful in situations in the penalty area and in the corners. Futsal is a very effective tool in training the technical aspects of the game.

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