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The week of 5/26/15

What's Next:

June 1 - Grades 3-5 Block Party (EOG Attendance)

June 2 or 3 - Mentor Training

June 3 - Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon @ 11am

June 4 - 3rd Grade Reading Retest

June 5 - Kindergarten Graduation @ 9am

June 5 -WIX Winning Ways Celebration @ 11 am

June 5 -AR Cutoff @ 12pm

June 8 - Awards Day Grades 1-4 @ 9am

June 8 - 5th grade Graduation @ 6pm

June 9 - AR Celebration

June 10 - Pre-K Graduation in Gym @ 9:30am

June 10 - Last Day of School / Early Dismissal

June 12 - Flexible Benefits enrollment closes

July 6 - August 6 - Y-Readers Camp

August 11-12 - Teaching and Learning Conference @ Gaston College

EOG Score Time

Testing & Accountability Message:

Test data for each assessment is certified every semester based on an analysis of test data and all of the test forms administered during that semester. The certification process requires the completion of several quality control steps to ensure each operational item and all forms of the assessment performed as expected. The test data generated are certified as accurate provided that all NCDPI-directed test administration guidelines, rules, procedures, and policies have been followed at the district and school levels in conducting proper test administrations and in the generation of the data.

New forms and formats were introduced this spring for some subjects. These assessments will endure additional scrutiny and as a result may be some of the last subjects certified this spring.

Thank you for your patience as we work to complete the necessary quality control checks. The NCDPI suggests individual student reporting be delayed until the test data is certified.

Teachers please review your Test Check List

Test Check List Click this link please.

Life...Don't make it difficult! Just complete the links below

Only 9 staff have completed the summer contact checklist do so now please.

Please complete the 2015-2016 Request. (All Staff)

Calling All Mentors

Next Tuesday, June 2 and next Wednesday, June 3 Laura Clark will be at the Rader Center in the Computer Lab to get teachers started on the Online Mentor Training Modules which can be completed at their own pace over the summer.

Attendance to one of these sessions is required to begin the online training.

A description of the course can be accessed by clicking on the following link,

Teachers can register in the Workshop Registration System for these sessions which are titled New Mentor Training (Online) 1st Intro. Session Summer 2015.

End Of Year

  • EOY is a busy time, but don't forget your purpose. We are here for the children and what we can do to make them better as they become self-sufficient adults.
  • Please encourage good behavior and model good behavior. Side-walk chatter or the hallway buzz can sometime catch us off guard and we just let it all out --right then, --right there, --boy does it feel good to get it all out!!! Remember we are role models for our students and we need to be professionals at all times. Sometimes we MUST hold back and wait until our students are gone before we release.
  • JEANS - We have used the honor code for jeans passed the past two years, after two years of turning them in to me in exchange for wearing jeans. Please, if you wear jeans display your sticker on your garments. If you do not have a jeans pass sticker visible I will be under the assumption that you do not have a pass and will place a notice in your box. I hate to seem petty, but this practice is a privilege to those who have done good deeds for our school and children, had an accomplishment or collected box tops to earn the pass. What makes you (if I'm talking to you) feel like you don't have to do what others do to earn the privilege ? If you were born into privilege then please let me know and I will collect your $$$ for your passes for the year (Also, if you didn't know that a year if passes is a total of $450 for FHES by the way.)
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June 11th

Donna Ghent's Birthday

July 7th

Kaity Motes' Birthday

July 12th

Jeff Cochran's Birthday

July 18th

Gail Gribble's Birthday

July 27th

Pam Greenlee's Birthday

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