Weekly Round Up

August 31-September 4

Monday, August 31, 2015

Universal Screeners-See Separate Schedule

7:25 PLC: 5th Grade

No Vertical Team Leader Meeting

Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2015

Universal Screeners-See Separate Schedule

PM Mrs. Jackson at ITS Meeting

5:30 Parent Information Night

1st Grade-Classrooms

4th Grade-Cafeteria

Wednesday, Sept. 2, 2015

Universal Screeners-See Separate Schedule

AM Counselors at Meeting

7:25 PLC: 4th Grade

3:05 Vertical Teams-CIP Planning

Thursday, Sept. 3, 2015

Universal Screeners-See Separate Schedule

Mrs. Jackson at Brushy Creek

7:25 PLC: 3rd Grade

5:30 Parent Information Night

Kindergarten Classrooms

2nd Grade

Friday, Sept. 4, 2015

Universal Screeners-See Separate Schedule

AM Nancy & Blanca at PEIMS Training

Interventionists at Training

8:00 Para Team Meeting

Upcoming Dates

Sept. 7-Sept. 11 Universal Screeners

Sept. 7 Labor Day Holiday

Sept. 8 3:05 Club Sponsors meet to discuss Club Night

Sept. 8 3:05 Team Leader/Grade Level Meeting

Sept. 9 1st School-wide Fire Drill-Please practice with your class before this date

Sept. 9 3:05 SBAC

Sept. 10 6 PM PTA Sponsored Club Night: Club Sponsors-please plan to come to share information about your club as well as how to register.

Sept. 11 Grandparents' Luncheon

Sept. 16 Severe Weather Drill

Sept. 18 Friday Assembly Grades 3-5

Sept. 21 Deadling for Grades 3-5 to enter progress report grades

Sept. 23 Early Release

Sept. 24 Friday Assembly Grades K-2

Important Information

  • The new guidelines for nutrition replacing FMNV (Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value) have been released. They are called "Smart Snacks". Watch for information in an upcoming email.
  • If you have a celebration or someone we need to recognize in our Weekly Round Ups, please send the information to me by Thursday.
  • Enjoy your Weekend!! You deserve it!

Celebrations & Recognitions

  • Thanks to Lindsay, Jay, & Stacy May for an outstanding Friday Assembly this morning!
  • Thanks to everyone's efforts this weekend including a certain bus rider...Every child made it home!!
  • RRock Star Awards:
Rashawna, Therese, Kelly M, Jessica & all who have received the call of duty! Great job every time!!
Our fabulous Ed. Asst. team for helping with students, in the office, & wherever needed!
Our interventionists & all teachers who helped in the cafeteria this week during lunch!
  • Thanks to everyone for an AWESOME first week of school! If this week is any indicator, I can tell this year is going to be the absolute BEST yet!!

Happy Birthday to You!

  • August 4 Karrie Troccoli
  • August 9 Julia Powers
  • August 13 Iben Dyke
  • August 24 Bethany Cassidy
  • August 29 Vanessa Hampf
  • August 30 Lindsay Nelson