The Run

Donald Trump's quest for becoming Santa Claus.

"Mister Trump please take the stand." said an Elf "I would make a great Santa." said Trump. Trump went on and on about how the bells don't jingle, on the sleigh and how he would make sure they jingle. He talked about, who at this point had his ideas drilled in the other elves' head, quickly finished his talk about how he would increase cookie production. He stopped talking after an hour. He bowed, which he did every time.

Trump wanting to make sure he had a hold on the opion of the elves before the election day, stomped the comotion. As a great talker, Trump fooled the elves into belving he was right. From the stage, Trump looked at the elves. He started to ramble. Finnally Trump one the final debate and is now Santa.
As Christmas Eve night came Trump but on his red business suit. He had the elves dress in I'm work for Trump shirts loaded the suitcase of toys in to his Christmas limo. As the gifts where delivered the ribbons where replaced with pictures of Donald Trump's face in a Santa hat.

Color Code

1. Compound Sentence 1

2. Prepositional Phrase 2

3. Participial Phrase 3

4. Appositive Phrase 4

5. Adverb Clause 5

6. Adjective Clause 6

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By: Cameron D. and Austin W.