Powers of the President

Chief Executive

Must carry out the national law.

Ex. He must make sure all laws are enforced no matter what.

Chief Diplomat

Decides how we treat other countries.

Ex. He can decide if we should be nice to other countries or not.

Commander in Chief

Is in charge of the armed forces.

Ex. He can decide to send forces the other counties during war.

Legislative Leader

Gives the final say on a law.

Ex. If a law is passed he gives the final say on it and can veto it.

Head of state

Greats other countries leaders and takes care of them while they are in the country.

Ex. If a leader from another country comes to america the president will take them to eat and take care of them while they are in the country.

Economic Leader

He must plan the budget for the country.

Party Leader

He is the leader of his party so this party backs him and wants to get them reelected.

Ex. Obama is the leader of democrats.

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