Mauii Gets A New Lacrosse Team!

Mauii Laxers are coming to town

The Maui Laxers are Finally Here!

Hawaii has been searching for a lacrosse team for quite some time and its finally here! The Maui Laxers are the new Maui team! Maui has been searching for fans and tourists attractions for quite some time and to help this new team out Maui is going to be the new all star team with Paul Rabal, Gary Gates, Kyle Hartzel, and many more all star lacrosse players ready to lead this new team to victory! But that's not all! We have box seats for season ticket buyers! We also have many food carts that carries the Stingray Galore with exotic fruits and 1/3 shot of lemon exclusive for STINGY membership owners. Aloha stadium also gives out our free Stingrayio Burgerio for all the box seat owners! Free parking at the first game buy tickets now!

We Need Some Bandages, We Just Got Stung!

Getting stinged is the new thing now that the Mauii Laxers got a new mascott, Laxxy The Stingray, ready to sting any team that trys to beat the Mauii Laxers!

Lets Go Sting Rays!

Thats all make sure to buy tickets to the Mauii Laxers at