Be a hostess who earns the mostest!

a.k.a. "How to Have a Successful Norwex Facebook Party"

Quick and easy steps to hosting your Norwex party

Hi, Kathy! I can't wait until your Norwex 101 party! This quick little newsletter will give you a run down of things that you can and should do to have a wonderfully successful Norwex Facebook party!

Here's what you're working to earn in November . . .

As you know from Martha Jean's party, Norwex offers wonderful hostess rewards! Not only can you earn the products listed in this graphic but you can also earn products for the number of buying guests, number of bookings and for certain party sales levels. Check out this month's Host Exclusive Offer in the left top corner!!! With a minimum $600 in guest sales, 6 buying guest orders and 1 booking, Hosts will receive the teal Bath Mat and a Chenille Hand Towel FREE! (retail Value $64.98) This type of bonus is not offered each month, so that makes November special! Plus Norwex gives you a percentage of your sales to use towards more products! Pretty amazing! Check out specifics here:

Getting Started

A week or so before your party, post a "Norwex Teaser" on your personal Facebook page to spark some interest. We want your friends and family to WANT to join your event so that they find it interesting! You could mention that you have recently participated in a Norwex Facebook party and have just begun to use some of the products, and if anyone has interest in learning more about these life-changing products that help rid our homes of cleaning chemicals, they can comment on your post and you'll add them to the Facebook party you're having next week! Remind them that there will be free products to be won and fun to be had! Also, be sure to POST A PICTURE to go with your post!

Once I create your party event on Facebook I will invite you this Thursday evening to accept the invitation by selecting "going;" You can then start inviting your family and friends from the Facebook party page. After you're finished inviting your guests, make sure you post a welcome post on the party page. (And don't forget a PICTURE!) Say hello, give your guests a quick intro to the party, even tell them what your favorite Norwex product is and/or how excited you are to learn more about Norwex this week!

If your friends come into the event and see only me there, they will be far less likely to stay because they don't know how fun the party can be! Make sure YOU are the first thing they see. Your presence as hostess is SO important!

Remember, this is a party...not a cattle call!

Invite your friends - Don't just add everyone you know as "friends" on Facebook! Talk to your friends and see who would be interested. This will make your guests feel special and like they are being invited to an exclusive event. Do NOT mass message everyone (people hate that!), but you can send a basic friendly personal message through Messenger to each person! For best results--do NOT invite more than 50!

You will see a BIG difference when you announce the invitation ahead of time to see who's interested. If your guests know and are excited about the party, you'll have far more participation! Remember, you'd never kidnap your friends to bring them to a party... you'd invite them!

I can make it EXTRA easy on you by providing some sample messages below that you can just copy and paste to your friends, although it is always good to create your own message in you own words and use the sample messages as a guide.

Sample Messages

1. ASK PERMISSION to invite your friends . . .

"Hey friend! I am always looking for ways to simplify my life! A couple weeks ago, a friend told me about a product she learned about called Norwex which involves cleaning with water and Norwex microfiber cloths alone. She told me what a difference she had noticed with just a couple of the products, and I knew I needed to know more. I personally had never heard of it and when another friend invited me to her FB party a few weeks ago I decided to join. It was one of the most informative FB parties I've been to, and the products were surprisingly affordable!

Anyway, I’m finally hosting a Norwex Facebook party next week! Not sure if you’ve heard of Norwex before, but they have fantastic products that reduce the use of chemicals in your home while helping you get a better, EASIER clean! If you want me to add you to this private FB event, please let me know. There will be freebies given away, and it’s super fun and laid back. Plus you don’t even have to leave your house! There's absolutely no pressure to buy anything. Just come learn what it's all about and share your most challenging cleaning situations!

I hate when people add me to FB parties without checking with me first, so I promise to only add you if you give me the "OK!" Hope you are having a great week!"

2. BEFORE THE PARTY BEGINS, contact those who have not responded as "Going" or "Maybe" . . .

Once you have received permission and have invited your friends to be guests, click 'Message Guests' under the attendee number. Click 'unreplied' or 'invited' so that you can see who has not responded yet and then send the following message to them (make sure the box that says 'send as group message' is NOT do not want it to look like a mass message!)

"Hey there! It’s finally time for my Norwex party! I sent you an invitation to the event page for the party. The party will be going on all week. Our Norwex Consultant, Janis Combs, will be posting all kinds of great info about how to clean with no chemicals. The party will be super fun; she even plays games and gives away freebies! If you have any questions, just ask! I look forward to “seeing” you as a guest at the party! Just RSVP as “going” or “maybe” so that you can see everything that is being posted! That's it!"

3. ON SATURDAY THE DAY BEFORE THE PARTY CLOSES, you could make contact with each guest who has not ordered or responded to posts to earn entries for the cloth giveaway.

"Hi, _________! Just wanted to remind you that my Norwex party closes on Sunday @ 4:00 p.m.! Make sure you get all your entries in for the free Norwex cloth. You can still go back and post on all the opportunities, so it's not too late! Please do not feel like you have to buy anything; I just wanted to remind you in case you were interested. Thanks for being part of my Norwex 101 party!"

Posting Tips

Ok, are you ready for my 2 MOST IMPORTANT party tips? They're super easy but it takes a little effort:

1. At least once a day, post your own post on the party wall and ALWAYS INCLUDE A PICTURE! (Feel free to use pictures below.)

First, because people are always more likely to stop and look if there is a picture. Even if you're not sure what picture to post, just post something silly (Google images are great!) or something like a pic of you or your kids cleaning. It doesn't matter! You just want your guests to stop and look. I have provided you with a bunch of super fun ones in this newsletter!

Secondly, Facebook is super weird about notifications, and having your guests receive notifications about party posts is important! As my daily posts appear on the party wall, sometimes the posts won't generate notifications to your friends, but because it is YOU who are actually Facebook friends with them, YOUR posts WILL pop up as notifications to them which gets them on the party page. Plus, your friends want to interact with YOU!!! So BE PRESENT in your party and post often! Easy Peasy!!

2. "Like" and COMMENT on as many of MY POSTS as you can throughout the day. This will encourage participation of your guests. They will follow your lead, so lead by example! : )
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One final word...

THANK YOU for hosting, Kathy! I can't wait to help you earn lots of free Norwex!

Janis Combs, Independent Norwex Consultant

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