Lifestyle Project

By: Jack Rader

Yearly and Monthly Salaries

30% x $30,000= $21,000 yearly

$21,000/12= $1,750 monthly


Loan Amount- $51,000

Monthly Payment- $360 (includes taxes and insurance)

Increased Monthly Payment (15%)- $410 (includes taxes and insurance)

-Increasing the amount Jenny pays each month by 15% will help her pay off her home in 25 years instead of 30, but this would greatly decrease her money and make her live on a tighter budget than she already is.

Utilities- About $120 monthly, depending on the season

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Car Payments- $400 monthly and $4,800 yearly

Car Insurance- $75 monthly

Gasoline- $60 monthly


$300 monthly for food

Entertainment and Phone

Phone (Cricket Wireless)- $40 monthly (unlimited talk and text)

Jenny can spend about $100 each month on dining out and other activities and still have some money left that she can save.


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