TLHub Newsletter

February 2016

Welcome to February's jam-packed edition of the TLHub newsletter!

In this edition you will find:

  • A summary of good practice seen on the latest learning walk on 'personal development, behaviour and welfare/ employability'
  • Congratulations to those teachers who have achieved a grade 1 in their observation of learning
  • A reminder about the TeachMeet being held at King Edwards School next month
  • An article from the TES about different ways of assessing learners in lessons
  • An article from The Guardian on how to save time when planning lessons
  • Details of the next TLQ day on 2nd March
  • Details on our Cultural Celebration Day on 8th March
  • Details of Innovation Week Feb 29th-March 4th


Monday, Feb. 29th, 9pm to Friday, March 4th, 4:30pm

Hazel Road

We will be celebrating innovation and fun in our teaching, learning and assessment. We have lots of activities planned including; Poundland Pedagogy, peer observations, new resources and much more! Further details to follow.

Christine Rose's Equality and Diversity in FE Newsletter

Christine Rose is a leading professional on all things equality and diversity related, within the FE sector. She produces a regular newsletter, which summarises recent legislation and policy that affects FE and suggests resources that can help a college to be regarded as 'outstanding' in their approach to ensuring equality and celebrating diversity. Click HERE to access her latest newsletter- at the bottom of the page there is an option to sign up to the newsletter yourself, for free.

Reading Ahead - Library Challenge

One in six people struggles to read. However, research shows that when we inspire people to read for pleasure they benefit from far greater opportunities in everyday life, education and employment. Reading Ahead (formerly called the Six Book Challenge) is the gateway to these opportunities. Because everything changes when we read.

Reading Ahead supports young people and adults by changing their perception of reading, opening up opportunities and building their confidence.

Please encourage your students to get involved with the Reading Ahead Challenge being hosted by Jose's team in the library. Jose is happy to visit your classes to give a short talk about this initiative and how your students can get involved (no more than 10 minutes).

Congratulations to 'Outstanding' Teachers

This month we want to congratulate the following teachers who have been given a grade of 'outstanding - grade 1' in their recent observation of TLA:

  1. Jo Pengelly (Hair, Beauty and Sport)
  2. Debbie Woodford (Hair, Beauty and Sport)
  3. Ian Rowsell (Visual and Performing Arts)
  4. Holly-Jane Boylan (Construction and Electrical)

TeachMeet at King Edwards School

Thursday, March 17th, 4:30pm

King Edward VI School, Southampton, United Kingdom

Have you heard of a TeachMeet? It is a FREE event set up where teachers from a local area (and from secondary and sixth form/FE) get together to share ideas and resources. They are fun, inspiring and you also have the chance to win lots of free stuff from the companies who sponsor the event! The next one in Southampton is at King Edwards School (opposite Southampton Common) on Thursday 17th March at 4.30. Full details of the event are HERE. All you need to do is sign up, for free and turn up for free goodies and lots of new teaching ideas!

Themed Learning Walk - THIS WEEK

This week (w/b 1st February) our learning walk is on the theme of assessment for learning and learner feedback. We are using the following questions to navigate our walks:

  • • Is there evidence of a variety of AFL techniques being used in lessons to check learner progress?
  • • Have lessons been planned based on the individualised needs of learners (are learners ‘known’?)
  • • Have learners got well organised files, which show evidence of regularly marked work and clear feedback for improvement?
  • • Are learners clear on what their targets are and how they can improve their work?
  • • Do learners feel that their teachers listen to their views and act upon them? How?

The 'A' in TLA...

When an observer visits your lesson, one of the areas they will be looking at closely is how well students are assessed and how well their progress is tracked. Observers will look at work that learners have completed over the academic year to check the progress that has been made over time and how effective teacher feedback (through marking) has been to help improve a student's work. Students should know exactly what they need to do to improve their on-course performance.


This year's 'best dressed' competition is going to focus on student work. There will be two categories: EITHER/OR Category: 1) embedding Maths and/or English in the subject or category: 2) embedding equality and diversity in the subject area


It has to be student work (although teachers can put the display together).

It needs to be a display/installation that is useful to students and advances either equality and diversity or Maths and English within the subject area.It needs to be displayed within the subject area. The presentation of the display - along with the content - will be judged.

We will be judging work in the week beginning 7th March (the week after Innovation Week) so that you can use innovation week to be creative. Please let Hayley Ryan know of your entries by 1st March.

TLQ Day 2nd March

Our next Teaching, Learning and Quality Day on 2nd March is themed around using ILT for innovative TLA. The morning will consist of a series of workshops that teachers can sign up to, where staff will be sharing their own practice with you. We will be focusing on showcasing CityBit best practice, the student journey using STaRS and other uses of ILT to enhance learning for our students.

We will also have a compulsory session for all teachers on spelling, punctuation and grammar (for a consistent marking strategy) as well as session on revision skills for examined courses, upskilling for level 1 Maths teachers and invigilation training.

Further details will follow next week via email.

Cultural Celebration Day - March 8th

On March 8th the college will be hosting a cultural celebration day - the aim of which is to share and celebrate the communities and cultures both in and surrounding the college.

We have a great day planned! From 12-1 in the Hub we will have drumming workshops, poetry, turban tying, henna tattoos, scarf fashions and a range of food provided by our own catering students, sold as both market food and also as the staff lunch special.

All day Unity 101 will be playing in the Hub and we want students to play a part by putting together displays on their own cultures or cultures that they choose to research. To get involved in this way, look out for an email later this week with full details.