Behavioral Adaptations

By: Alyssa Gaines


Imprinting is a form of learning in which an animal at a specific critical time in its life forms a social attachment to another object. This allows a creature to be able to learn important life skills and/or life lessons in how to live. The specific time that the creature learns this is just right because it allows their mind to process the information that it is picking up and being taught. Imprinting teaches an animal how to live based off of learning from other creatures around them, and can also be a survival method. It is important for creatures to go through imprinting so that they will be able to survive in the environment around them.


Migration is the instinctive, seasonal movement of animals. Migration allows animals to find food and move to warmer climates that they can thrive in. The harsh climates can limit the amount of food that the animals can eat, so they migrate. It also gives creatures a more suitable breeding climate for them to repopulate in.