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Triton Review and Preview 9.7.2017


Triton Parents:

Lots of great things going in the Land of Tritons! What a tremendous show of community support we had at last week's Luau! It was great to see so many of our students attending this fun event. The ASB students were simply amazing in putting together a great experience. Way to go Ms. Bulwa in leading these special students. I was equally impressed with our staff sponsors of the various clubs. YOU make a difference for the kids.

I want to share a very special picture (below) from our very own Donato, our Food Services Manager. Without any prompting, he wanted to make sure our students had access to cold water to beat the heat. Our students were appreciative (as was I!). We have the best Food Services Manager in the district. Not only does he get involved in the lives of students on a personal level (he created Cornhole boards for our students), but he shows a dedication that requires no prompting. We are lucky to have you Donato!

We are starting the process of raising funds for our various programs and departments on campus. Keep an eye out for opportunities to help and contribute. You should be hearing about some of these items from your students. I will also put out more information as we get closer to launching the fundraisers. In the meantime, please consider joining the PTSO. It's a great leadership group!

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Ipad Parent Night

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Join the PTSO!

Our PTSO is an awesome community organization whose primary goal is to support school initiatives with human resources as well as fiscal support. They need our help however, please consider joining the PTSO for as little as $10! Your money goes directly back to the school. Please drop off your forms with the front desk. We need your help!
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The Luau

Impressed beyond words. Our students and community are awesome. Our custodians and ASB students did a great job with the set-up.

Week at a Glance with Molly Bulwa

Here is what's coming up...

Check out September (I keep hearing Earth, Wind and Fire when I say September...)
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Big Picture Items

Stay Informed!

Let's be aware of these upcoming events:

1. In conjunction with the traffic engineer from Chula Vista as well as our district official, we will explore some traffic flow suggestions including coning off the inner loop and placing signs in the front of the school for drop-off zones. I will be hosting a parent night discussion at 5:15 in the pavilion on September 7. This meeting will lead into Ipad Parent night. Come join us and discuss your concerns!

2. Wish our Solar Car team lots of luck as they compete on September 9th. I am going to make a trek to National City Middle to cheer them on! Thanks Mrs. Taylor for taking on the challenge!

4. On September 11th, I will be speaking for a few minutes about this date in our history and supporting our Armed Forces.

Final Thoughts

Our Kids and Teachers

I am so proud to be the principal of ELM because of the amazing students and staff. We have a number of ways in which we will recognize this students this year, please help me in recognizing our staff members. If you had a great experience with our teachers, custodians, campus supervisors or classified staff members, please tell me about it. I love sharing the good news.

Digital Footprints

Something to Consider

I hope I will see many of you at our Ipad parent night. I love technology and believe that it is a great tool for our students. But, I also know the dangers that lurk behind some technology usage. Please consider previewing this informative clip about your digital footprint that you leave when using technology.

Our Legacy

What if...

Enjoy this little clip that speculates what if educators were treated like professional athletes...