Dangers of the Ozone Layer

Negative effects of UV Radiation

There is Evidence that shows that pregnant women who are exposed to pollutants have an increased chance of preterm delivery and low birth weight (5.5 pounds). I believe that we need to stop polluting the air with harmful gasses that put holes in the o-zone layer so that the generations after us are not negativity effected by poisonous pollutants. We can prevent this pollutant by using environment friendly cleaning products, not using harmful chemicals, or burning materials that put holes in the ozone layer.
UV radiation (a carcinogen) can cause damage to skin such as sunburns, blisters, skin cancer, cataracts, immune suppression, wrinkling skin, and aging skin. We should take precautions to protect our selfs from harmful UV radiation such as sunscreen, sunblock, or simply staying in the shade.