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March Jr/Sr High Newsletter

7th and 8th Grade NYS ELA and Math Tests in April

Reminder: The 7th and 8th Grade NYS Math Assessments are administered in April. Specifically, 7th and 8th Grade ELA assessments will be administered the mornings of April 14-16, 2015. 7th and 8th Grade Math assessments will be administered the morning of April 24-26, 2015.

Click Here to View Sample NYS ELA and Math Assessment Questions

Test-taking tips:

If your child(ren) seems especially nervous about tests:

  • Offer words of encouragement, and practice stress-relieving exercises together, such as deep breathing.
  • Try to keep your talk about tests casual, positive, and non-confrontational.
  • Meet with teachers or a guidance counselor to discuss your child's progress and activities to do at home to help prepare for tests.
  • Know how different test results are used, and how they will affect your child's placement in school. Teachers and guidance counselors are great information sources.
  • Let your child know that you will be proud of the test results as long as his/her best effort was put forth.

Before important tests, make sure your child:

  • Gets a good night's sleep.
  • Eats a wholesome breakfast.
  • Dresses comfortably.
  • Arrives at school on time.
  • Has all necessary materials (e.g., pen, pencil, eraser, calculator).
  • Avoids stressful situations (such as arguments) prior to testing.

Attention Parents and Students: Morning and Afternoon Hallway Reminders

Attention Students: We love that you love to be at Galway Junior Senior High School each and every day! A few safety reminder for all of us: School opens to students at 7:30 am. Students arriving between 7:30 and 7:45 must report immediately and directly to the Jr/Sr high school cafeteria (this means before going to your lockers). At 7:45, Students will be released from the cafeteria and buses, giving them plenty of time to go to lockers, drop off important paperwork, and to visit with friends before reporting to homeroom at 7:55.

Did you know that over 70% of Galway Jr/SR High School Students are involved in extra-curricular activities, including sports, drama and clubs? We think that is awesome and hope to see at least 80% next year! A reminder to all our extra-curricular participants: Student must report to the Cafeteria or Library by 2:30 - Students are not to wait in the hallway or by your lockers for practice or your activity to start.

One reason Galway is a great place to be is because our students have a tremendous amount of Eagle Pride and understand the importance of keeping their school a safe place to be!

Galway Jr/Sr High School Production of "Into The Woods", March 27-29

Friday, March 27th, 7pm

5317 Sacandaga Road

Galway, NY

Tickets for the Galway High School Production of "Into the Woods" may be reserved in advance by contacting Trisha Smith at tksmith.trisha@gmail.com. Performances are at 7:00 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, March 27-28, 2015, and at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, March 29, 2015. All tickets are $9.00. If you have a seating preference, please mention it in your e-mail. She will do her best to fill all requests.

Galway Mastermind Wins 1st League Title; Brooke Martin, Leading Scorer in New York State

With an overall record of 10-2, Galway's Masterminds team secured the 2014-15 league title. The Masterminds team will now represent Galway in the 2015 Albany Region Masterminds Playoffs.

Congratulations to Brooke Martin, 10th grade student, who was the leading Masterminds scorer in the state of New York for the 2014-15 regular season!

Galway Students Attend Columbia Scholastic Press Association's Annual Convention

20 students who contribute to GTV, the online student newspaper www.eaglesmediacenter.com or have an interest in media-related business traveled to New York City and attended workshops at the 91st Columbia Scholastic Press Association's Annual Convention on March 18th-20th. In addition to expanding their repertoire of knowledge and skills, allowing them to add fresh content to student publications, the students also had some fun attending a Poetry Slam in Harlem, eating dinner in Little Italy, and going to a taping of the Meredith Viera show. Haley Grogan was able to interview a behind-the-scenes personality on the show and students were excited to see themselves when the camera panned over the audience during the show's broadcast yesterday afternoon. Check out www.eaglesmediacenter.com in coming weeks to read about students' experiences. This year's trip, now in its 10 year, was made possible with a generous donation from the Galway Education Foundation.

Dr. Bird Comes Back To Galway CSD

Dr. Steven Birchak, aka "Dr. Bird", was the keynote speaker at the March 20th Superintendent's Conference Day. Dr. Birchak has worked with numerous school districts throughout the nation on issues of character education, bullying, violence prevention and also speaks frequently to libraries, communities, and parent groups. He is the author of a book for teachers and parents titled How to Build a Child's Character - By Tapping Into Your Own (Royal Fireworks, 2004). Dr. Birchak is also the author of The Champions of Dignity (Royal Fireworks, 2012).

7th Grade Boston Trip: Swing Into Spring and Don't Strike Out!

Reminder for 7th grade students: Students receiving three behavioral referrals to the office between March 22 and May 7th will not be attending the Boston trip. There may not be a full refund as spaces have been reserved and paid for.

Galway Baseball Softball League Registration Info

Please CLICK HERE for important registration information from the Galway Baseball Softball League!

Galway Central School Response To Intervention (RTI) Plan

The attached RTI reference guide is intended to increase understanding of Galway CSD’s Response to Intervention and how it advances the Board of Education goals for student achievement.

Click Here to see the complete Galway RTI Plan