Walt Disney

By: Sammy Matkowski


Walt Disney is famous because of his creations. He is the most known movie maker, animator, creator of Disneyland and Disney World. He was able to make grownups feel like kids again. He made many cartoons and films that are still famous today. Walt was the first person to make animated cartoons with sound. Even today his name is known to every child and grownup.

A Stolen Cartoon

Walt made a cartoon about a rabbit named Oswald. That was a good cartoon that many people liked. Walt's boss named Charles Mintz wanted Walt to make more cartoons for him so Walt started producing more. At the same time Oswald cartoons got to be more costly and Walt went to see Charles Mintz in New York to ask for more money. Charles Mintz was a greedy man and didn't give Walt more money. He lost his Oswald and also the rights to it.

The Confidence of Walt

Walt's movies didn't do too well in Kansas where he lived because Kansas was not the center for entertainment business.Walt wanted to make his movies big. Walt wanted to go where that could happen and that was Hollywood. Walt packed his suitcase and left home to go to Hollywood where Roy his older brother already lived. Walt only had three months to make a movie and he didn't have enough money to pay for the movie, he didn't even have a camera. Walt had confidence so he looked up to Roy to help him get going again. This is important because this didn't stop him from doing what he wanted.

Before Walt was a Movie Maker

Walt was an artist. Most of his time he helped his family get money because they were poor or he would be at school. When he learned to draw he started selling his art to the neighbors . At 14,he attended art classes in Kansas and that's when he started thinking of art as a career. Walt's father always thought why would Walt want to be an artist. Walt's mother wanted Walt to do what he wanted. When the family moved to Chicago Walt went to art school at night. He learned more drawing, sketching, painting and also children's art. After all that Walt Disney became the big movie maker.

A Life Lesson

The greatest lesson I learned from Walt is to believe in your dreams. Walt always did. Even if nobody believed in him, Walt believed in himself. Walt started his empire with just a few dollars in his pocket. With a lot of confidence and courage Walt was able to make his dreams come true. He believed that he could make it happen! You can do many things if you just believe.
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