Survival in Canadian Wilderness

How to survive in the Canadian Wilderness

The first 5 steps they're easy

1.Shelter:Gather sticks to build some place to sleep. Build one with a hood just in case it rains or snows.

2.Finding water:When your mouth is dry you have to find water quick. Try to look for a pound on a river to-get water. Before drinking you should boil it because if you drink water right out it might have in sects and bugs in it that could kill you.

3.The next step is making a fire: You can make a fire with two sticks. You rub them together really fast it will start to smoke and them make a little fire.

4.Gathering resources:To keep your fire going you might have to chop wood with a axe.

5.Keeping safe:Their will be animals looking for food.So you should find a tall tree you can climb to not get digested.

You do it right you survive

6.Making weapons:Find thick wood sticks to carve with something like a pocket knife

7.Finding meat:find something like a deer to kill for meat.It will give you protein and extra energy.

8.Cooking food: you want the food just at the right temperature for you will not get a disease.You want to cook it for you can get all bacteria off.

9.At night it's dark.Keep something like a flare for you can see if something is coming.

10.Getting help:You will need someone to come get you so you will need to send off signals to get help like a flare or smoke.

Do you think you can survive

Can you survive in the Canadian wilderness?