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November 17, 2014

November Happenings

10th: Beginning of 3rd Six-Weeks

18th: DMS Family Night

20th: Campus Presentation



Lesson Planning

Lesson Plan Expectations:

  • Copy lesson plans from TEAM PLANNER into INDIVIDUAL PLANNERS
* When you are receiving an official "PDAS Walkthrough" (campus and/or district), administrators are unable to view lesson plans located in the "team planner" when they click on the "lesson plan tab". This is causing MANY teachers to be pinpointed for not submitting lesson plans. Also, word is circulating that plans in the team planner may possibly be deleted/lost/removed after December due to some update that's coming up. We would hate for you to lose those valuable plans you've planned so far this year :-)

  • There should be AT LEAST ONE "Student-Centered Activity" in your plans each week.
  • Include possible "ACE Strategies" that can be implemented in your lessons.
* These don't have to be super detailed. A simple list of possibilities is fine! (i.e. thumbs-up, thought jot, think-pair-share, etc).


Lesson Plans are to be uploaded into Eduphoria EVERY WEDNESDAY by 5:00 PM.


  • Lesson Plans should be in through Thanksgiving Break (11/21)
  • Lesson Plans for December 1 thru December 5 were to be submitted by November 13th.
  • Lesson Plans for December 8 thru December 12 will be reviewed November 21st.

Academic Vocabulary


  • It is a CAMPUS & DISTRICT EXPECTATION for Word Walls to be UP and UPDATED in all classrooms.
  • Word Walls should be cumulative of concepts/units previously taught and being taught currently.
  • Vocabulary included on the word walls should be referred to daily, throughout your lesson(s).

Strategies for Teaching Academic Vocabulary

  • Word Wall Centers (Spin-A-Word)
  • Plickers
  • Paraphrasing Pyramid
  • Compare-Contrast using Venn Diagram

Unit Assessment Info/Data

*No current data this week*

ACE (Active Cognitive Engagement)

Get "ACEd"

RTI (Response-to-Intervention)

Objectives covered during RTI Interventions are based on data from Unit Assessments.

6th Grade:

Order of Operations w/Exponents

7th Grade:

Percent Applications

8th Grade:

Pythagorean Theorem