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Pocahontas was a girl but not any type of girl she was the queen of piece. Pocahontas saved caption John smith. Then later on Pocahontas became captain john smiths brother. Pocahontas was then a prisoner to Jamestown.

Pocahontas saved captin john smith

After john smith became Pocahontas's brother the native Americans made trades with the colonist's. For all the nice things the native Americans did john smith taught Pocahontas English. But from then on the colonist supplied guns and canons as the native Americans supplied corn and rice.

Pocahontas had a death

Pocahontas found out that john smith died. When Pocahontas's father figured out he was mad and the native Americans had no reason to ceep Jamestown as allies so a war started. Pocahontas was a prisoner for weeks and learned all about Christianity. Pocahontas got baptized with the name Rebecca.

Pocahontas goes to England

After Pocahontas got to England she met the queen. Then Pocahontas got married to John Rolf and had a kid named Thomas. But in 1617 Pocahontas got unknown respiration lines and got a statue in her honer from the queen.


Pocahontas was a girl with a big dream. Pocahontas saved captin john smith when she was twelve then later on became her brother. Later on Pocahontas found out that captin john smith had died and her tribe did not ceep Jamestown as allies and attacked. In 1617 Pocahontas got unknown resperation lines and died. From then on Pocahontas was known as the queen of piece.


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Pocahontas by: Nancy Polete

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