To Kill a Mockingbird

Harper Lee

Theme 1- Perspective

*Mrs. Dubose was a old, cranky lady who was addicted to morphine. Jem and Scout had to read to her after school. Jem and Scout had to look in the shoes of Mrs. Dubose and see what difficult times she was going with while she was trying to sober up from her morphine addiction.

*Scout had to look into Boo Radley's life on how he would watch Jem and Scout from his house play the Boo Readley games, take things out of the knot of the tree and doing those miscellaneous things to him.

Theme 2- Innocence

*Tom Robinson goes into trial being accused of raping and beating Mayella Ewell. Tom is actually innocent but is accused because he is black.

*At the end of the book where Scout walks home with Boo Radley she reminisces how much stuff has been said about him and all the false accusations. Such as him stabbing his dad with scissors, many do not know the full story besides himself.

Perspective and Innocence

Perspective and Innocence are the same theme because you have to hear both sides and to be in the others shoes to see the perspective of the person. To find innocence in a person you have to look at both perspectives of each individual.