Road to Perseverance

By: Mark Gronowski June 2, 2015

Introduction to Perseverance

I would define perseverance by saying: someone that has determination to keep going and never stop. There's many more characteristics that people need to persevere like resilience and they have to be noble and sometimes have to be eloquent. We can learn a lot from the perseverance of others to help us overcome our own adversity in today's world

Tom Monaghan's Adversities (Problem and Solution)

In the story Rolling Dough to Rolling in Dough, Tom Monaghan faced many adversities and drove right through them. One problem he faced was that his partner quit on him and he was running the whole business by himself. He responded to this by searching for someone that had determination and a great worker. Another adversity he faced was that his partner was using him to get money and then asked to dissolve the partnership. After that Tom had almost gone bankrupt but he decided to buy his partners share of the business. Two years later, Tom’s ex-partner declared bankruptcy. He was responsible for over $75,000 in bad debt. In response to this he set up a payment plan with the creditors and promised to pay every penny he owned. The next year a fire burned down his anchor store and insurance only covered $13,000 of the $150,000 in damages. With resilience he cut back wherever he could, and devised ways to cover the fire losses. In 1970, Tom became overwhelmed and lost control of his business and sold most of it to the bank. He had to live in his car and work a lot more and a lot harder. Eventually he bought back his business and his business grew greatly. Tom was able to triumph his successes when he started to make a lot of money and businesses were all over the U.S. As you can see with hard work, determination and resilience, he was able to fight through many adversities and have his company be one of the most well known pizzerias in the country.

Compare and Contrast

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Jackie Robinson Overcoming Adversity (Sequencing)

Steps how Jackie Robinson overcame adversity

  1. He first went to the army and served in WWII.
  2. He then joined the Brooklyn Dodgers and was the first African American to play in the MLB.
  3. When he came on to the field he was taunted by many racist fans and opposing players so he had to leave his natural combativeness in the locker room.
  4. He endured incredible abuse without fighting back.
  5. He let his batting and base running speak for him and they spoke eloquently.
  6. And with that people gave up on making fun of him and accepted him for his abilities.

Lauren Hill's Life Changing Adversity (Description)

Lauren Hill faced a major adversity in her life that she eventually could never overcome. She was diagnosed with a disease called DIPG. DIPG is a disease that affect the brain and Lauren's doctor told her she had two years to live. But this wasn't going to stop her from doing her dream, "to play college basketball". And when basketball season started Lauren had another MRI. They found that the cancer was growing fast and there was nothing she or her doctors could do about. There was no cure. After that MRI she was given till December to live. The cancer changed her appearance after a while. As you can see that this is an awful disease that someone can get but Lauren was determined to play college basketball. And she did get her chance and she played in three more after that. She raised a lot of money for DIPG and became the face of the disease

Stephen Cannel's Adversity (Cause and Effect)

Stephen J. Cannell went through many adversities in his life that hurt and helped him triumph and succeed. One adversity was that he was flunked and kicked out many schools because he struggled very much on how to learn to read. In result of getting kicked out of many schools he had to do tedious eye exercises for an hour each day. Later he found out he was dyslexic so he wanted to work harder at it and with his inspiring writing professor, he became a professional writer. And the result of him becoming a writer he wrote for many TV shows and won many Emmy Awards. He also surpassed the $1 billion production mark. And also because of his dyslexia he was able to be more creative and make most of his appealing characters outsiders and nonconformists like him self.

To Conclude

Perseverance, when you work through adversities and never give up. We can learn many things from others perseverance. Such as, we learn how to react when times of trouble come our way, how to compare our times to others. People have all gone through perseverance. Most worst than ours. We have to take perseverance to our own stride, but, lets not forget those you have done it before us.