Morning Drop-Off Situation

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Morning Drop Off

Good Morning, Everyone.

I know that things have been a little...let's just say...chaotic in the parking lot in the mornings (after 7:55). We close the gate to the back lot at 7:55 am so that we can get kids in the school, put backpacks and jackets away, and get settled before school begins at 8 am. Unfortunately, we have MANY people arriving after this time. This is causing a pile up of cars trying to pull into the parish parking area and backing up as others are pulling in. In addition to this being very unsafe, we are taking the parish parking spaces from the employees and they only have 3 spaces (plus Deacon Jim's space). So, I have started going to the base of the hill in the morning to prevent people from entering the small parish lot and routing people down the cul-de-sac to pull through for drop-off. Once Pre-K is done with their check-ins at 8 am, we are moving the cones so people can pull in to the spaces to park. Unfortunately, we have so many people arriving late that the cul-de-sac is all backed up and people get frustrated and it causes safety issues. I know that it can be annoying being stuck in a line, but this is no reason to compromise student safety and it is never a fun way to start off your day being frustrated and angry.

Please remember, we are out no later than 7:45 am in the back lot to welcome students and many days we are out there closer to 7:40 am. There is plenty of time for drop off during this time before the gate closes and the process is very easy. Just roll through the line between 7:45 and 7:55, the children pop out of the car, and you are on your way out the other gate.

We absolutely understand if there is an occasional rough morning and a student has to be late, but we are having a massive traffic jam in the front, which is causing safety problems with children and vehicles and the primary reason is that we have many families arriving late almost every single day. Please do your best to make adjustments so that you can have your children to school no later than 7:55 am. Also, if you do arrive late, please be patient and understand that it will take a few minutes to get through the cul-de-sac and that you will need to wait through the line.

Thank you for your understanding and a HUGE THANK YOU to the many, many families who arrive on time each and every day. It not only helps us as a school, but it also greatly assists your student(s) in starting the day off right. None of us likes to rush and get to work late. Please see the information below for tips on how to make mornings easier.


Katie Dempsey

Please Help Us Prevent This... :)

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Tips for a Better Morning!

There are a lot of articles on how to make mornings easier, but most say the same things:

  • Pack things up the night before
  • Get up 15 - 30 min earlier
  • Parents should wake up before the children so they have a little time to relax before the kids get up
  • Give kids a chore chart to help out with items such as lunches or letting the dog out
  • Use a white board or organizer to plan ahead for other activities such as sport so that outfits can be packed
  • Use an incentive or reward chart for days that go well to encourage children

Everyone feels better when they start their day on a positive note!