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Interview Hour, with Rob Johnson

Straight from Generic News, it's the Interview Hour, with your host, Rob Johnson!

RJ: Hello there, people of the world! Welcome to the Interview Hour. Today, we're interviewing a contestant of the world's most prestigious candy making competition. Please welcome, Philip Ransford! So, tell us Philip, why'd you enter this contest?

PR: Various reasons. It'd take a while to tell you my motives. So, I'll save you some time and sum it up: I want to win.

RJ: I take it you don't want to tell us the other reasons. Moving on, what do you think of Logan?

PR: I think he's....err.....okay? I mean, he's a bit to good to be true.

RJ: What do you mean by that?

PR: What I'm saying is nobody's that nice. It's simply not possible. He's also a bit, how do I put this, dull.

RJ: Okay then. What kind of candy are you going to make?

PR: For the sake of privacy, I'm not going to tell you. What I will say is that it'll be extremely hard to make.

RJ: Will your candy have any special functions?

PR: It's candy, not a robot. Still, here's a hint: It's going to "blow" the competition away.

RJ: 'm going to have to think about that hint. Well, we've all heard rumors of spies, planning to steal the secret ingredient. Do you suspect any of the other contestants?

PR: I do, yet I'm not sure. Logan's too nice to steal anything. I'm not trying to steal it, so that leaves Daisy and Miles. Personally, I believe it's Daisy.

RJ: Oh? Why's that?

PR: Well, I've caught her sneaking around, and talking to "herself."

RJ: What about that other kid, Miles?

PR: Honestly, he's weird. He never stops talking about the afterlife, and it's making everyone delusional.

RJ: Thanks for being here, but one last question: Do you know anything about Logan's scars?

PR: I, erm, don't know anything about, uh, them.

Well that sure was an enlightening interview! Join us next week, were we're interviewing the Candymaker himself! See you then!


Plant A Pot, In The Lot!

At the Seed-O-Rama, we'll be welcoming "budding" gardeners, to our community garden! Water, seeds, bottled water, soil, snacks, and friendship will be supplied. When you get there, talk to Sam to get your own gardening area. Hope to see you there!

Info: 214-354-2584

February 3rd, 11:00AM to 6:00PM

The empty lot next to my house, in the old part of town.