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Platform: iPad and Android

Price: free but with in-app purchases, $4.99 for the full .edu app with everything

Location: iOS: , Android:

Tellagami allows you and students to create a quick 30 second video from an image using a 3D customizable character. You create a character, add a background (the image), position the character, then record a voiceover. It's just an interesting way to give life to an image or a presentation.
Sample Tellagami


Be creative!

Describe local history or architecture

Describe a drawing or artwork

Have your character tell a story about an image

Introduce a person in history

Explain a diagram or a cell

Recite a poem or part of a speech

Describe a time in history

Speak in a foreign language

Include them as a part of a larger video

Class announcements

Introduce a lesson or give homework instructions

These are just a few ideas. I'm sure you can come up with even more.

Final Thoughts

This use to be one of my favorite apps when it was totally free. Now, however, they have moved to an in app purchasing model of which I'm not a fan. The free version allows students to create a character, male or female, but there is only one outfit and hairstyle available to them. When adding the voiceover the typing option is not available. In the EDU version everything is unlocked and there is an additional background pack of school scenes.

On the plus side it's very easy to use and allows the students to create a character and record their voice speaking over any image available on the iPad. It's fun and a great way to present information in a new and creative way.

Mendi Benigni

Instructional Technologist: School of Education, Health and Human Performance

College of Charleston