Helias Library/Media Center

November 2016

Student Book Reviewer!

I am so excited to add a new feature to our newsletter...a book review by one of our talented Helias students! Eleanor Bax, sophomore, agreed to help me out by reading and reviewing new items that arrive in our library. She is an avid reader and a wonderful writer. Enjoy reading her review of Circle below.

Library - Not Just For Book Check-Out!

For anyone who thinks a day in the library is boring...I wish you could spend a week in my shoes! Yesterday morning before school, we had over 70 kids make their way in and out of the library for visiting, working on the computers, printing papers, or grabbing a hot chocolate at the coffee bar. Mrs. Kempker's class was in and out of the computer lab all day--careful not to run into Mr. Bell's students who were spread out in the library working on class projects throughout the day. We welcomed the 8th graders from IC today just as the Drury University recruiter was leaving. Students were in and out throughout the three lunch periods. Chess club was here after school yesterday, and we will have academic team today. Always something going on!!