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Love & Kindness will always be open

The new normal??

Greetings Barnard Families,

As I sit here at my dining room table, my new "workspace", and try to adjust to what appears to be our new reality for the remainder of this year, I am just starting to appreciate the changes we have all had to adapt to in a very short amount of time. This scenario would have have been hard to imagine a month ago, but here we are; homeschooling our children, working from home, rarely leaving our homes if at all, it is a lot to take in. As we have each tackled the challenges this has brought our induvial families over the last week, it has been inspiring to see people, children included, make adjustments on the fly and learn new systems to accommodate how to keep our lives moving forward. To That end, I want everyone to know that I am still very much available to you and our Barnard Academy students. This can take the form of email check-ins or Google Hangouts. Staying connected will be important during this time and I want to be sure to support that as much as I can.

Mrs. Hathorn

For Caregivers

I know a lot of information is coming at you and I can relate. I am adjusting to homeschooling my own children and juggling work, it is overwhelming to say that least. Please know that the staff at Barnard Academy is here to support you. We are learning this process as we go just as much as you are, you are our partners and we want to work together. Academics are of course important and we want to maintain learning opportunities during this time, but above all else the health and well being of your familiy is our priority. Please take time each day to be with your child/ren I have found these tips from NPR to be helpful.

Technology Use Expectations for Distance Learning

As we begin to use new platforms in our teaching we want to remind students what our school rules look like when its comes to technology. Please help them to remember these expectations.

Being safe online means you are visiting trusted websites provided by your teachers.

Being Respectful means any comments or questions you post are appropriate and kind. If you choose to initiate online conversations with friends outside of whole-class discussion or meeting times, you should have an adult's permission and supervision.

Being ready to learn means you are focused on and doing your best work when completing lessons and assignments.

For Students

Hello Barnard Academy Friends,

My challenge to you this week is to write a letter to a family member or a friend. A good 'ole fashion letter. I am sure there are plenty of people who would love to hear from you. You can also draw a picture and ask mom or dad for help in mailing it for you. I am going to write a couple myself. I hope you can get outside enjoy the snow, mud, and sun. Enjoy this time with your family too.

Thinking of all of you,

Mrs. Hathorn

This is an opportunity to try new things, have fun with it!

Want to get in touch?

Office Hours:

Tuesday & Thursday 9 am-11 am

I can be available outside of these times by request and I will adjust these as class and grade schedules get determined.

If you are experiencing stressors (financial/food insecurity/childcare) and would like to be connected with resources, I am happy to help. If you or your child would to check-in, please don't hesitate to reach out. This is what I am here for.

email me @ jhathorn@wcsu.net