Focus Friday

Summers Elementary Shines! 5-6-16

PTO and Teacher Appreciation! Thank you for a week of goodies!

  • Monday we received a wonderful pen with a light
  • Tuesday we enjoyed breakfast in a bucket
  • Wednesday delicious cake pops were served
  • Thursday was our smoothie social
  • Friday we enjoyed "goldfish" in a pond!

FFA Comes to Third Grade!

Today May 3, 3rd grade had the last visit from the FFA. For the last few weeks the FFA has been teaching our third graders about agriculture. Our lesson this week was all about peanuts! The students enjoyed a read aloud, being able to examine a peanut, and they also planted their own peanut plants. Students really enjoyed our visits from the FFA and they were sad it would be their last lesson with us.

2nd Place in Storyworks Writing Competion!!

There is big news in fourth grade at Summers Elementary! Jenna Beck has won a second Storyworks national writing competition this year! Previously, she won a Storyworks notebook for her well-written response on the “Henry Box Brown Contest” from the January 2016 issue. She was praised for her use of details from the text to support her claims.

Last week, Jenna earned commendation and the book Echo by Pam Muñoz Ryan for her impressive explanation and use of details in her written response to the Storyworks “Sit-In Contest” from the February/March issue.

“Jenna came to fourth grade as an excellent writer already,” stated her ELA teacher, Ms. Martinez. “She has continued to develop her natural skills to include more detailed and supported essays and written responses. I can’t wait to find out how far her creative mind and thoughtful writing will take her.”

Jenna is excited about the acclaim. She’s the first fourth grader at Summers to win a Storyworks contest. “I think I’ll keep writing and entering contests,” she says.

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Thank you teachers and Coach Turner the Field Days of 2016!

Summers Elementary Theme 2016-2017

Let's begin the voting!
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Congratulations Math Team! Thank you Mrs. Caley!!!

Friday Focus will be about sending positive messages from the week! Summers Scoop will be sent on Mondays to keep us informed throughout the week!

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Dave Burgess, Teach Like a PIRATE: Increase Student Engagement, Boost Your Creativity, and Transform Your Life as an Educator

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Fifth grade enjoying a little "Hammer time" at Sea World today!

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