Chartres Cathedral

A magnicifent gothic cathedral

Three pictures of the Chartres Cathedral

Location of Chartres Cathedral

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Chartres Catherdral is located in Chartres, France. It is 50 miles from Paris. It is in the north westarn part of France.

Description of Chartres Cathedral

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Chartres Cathedral is basicaly a large Italian cross with three asils. It is a gothic cathedral. It has a short transept and an ambulatory. It also has a high nave, supported by double flying buttresses. At the east end it is rounded. It has five semi circle radiating chaples.

A short history of Chatrtes Cathedral

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Chartres Cathedral was built 1140s. It survived a fire in 1194. At one point in the fourth century, a christian church stood right were the cathedral stands now. At first it was a pagan site, dedicated to the traditional Mother Goddess. The building is almost perfectly persevered. It had many repairs, but it is still in great shape.

The religion of Chartres Cathedral

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The faith of the Chartres Cathedral is, Christanity. It is the last series of shrines located on the same hill, that has drawn pilgrims since early Christian times. The natural site itself has been considird holy. It's also said it held Virgin Mary's tunic.

Why is Chartres Cathedral a sacred place?

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Why sacred

The location of Chartres is so honored and respected that it is the only cathedral not to have a single king, bishop, cardinal, canon, or anyone burried in the ground of its land. Originally, Chartres Cathedral was a Romanesque church, built in 1145. It was said that it held the tunic worn by the Virgin Mary at Christs' birth, so, many Christian pilgrims travel there, many of who come to see the famous relic.