Fiesta del Inti Raymi

( Festival of the Sun)


  • Celebrates the Winter solstice: shortest day of the year
  • Honors the Inca's sun God
  • Incas feared they would not have enough sun for their crops, so they sacrificed animals hoping the sun came back.


  • Held in Cusco, Peru
  • The ceremony is divided into 3 parts (Koricancha, Plaza de Armes, Sacsayhuaman.)
  • people celebrate in the streets


  • Starts 9 days before actual ceremony
  • FIesta del Inti Raymi is held on June 24th of every year
  • begins at 10:00 a.m. and ends at 4:00 p.m.


  • attracts over 150,000 people
  • includes travelers from all over the world, locals, and hundreds of actors for the reenactments (lasts 5-6 hours)


  • people wear colorful costumes
  • hold lavish banquets throughout the week
  • dance to festive music in the streets
  • fire celebrations
  • set up and perform historical reenactments
  • street/square activities (concerts, ceremonies)
  • hold celebration throughout the previous week
  • parades


  • listen and dance
  • Folk
  • Andean


  • main dish served all week is Chiriuchu (eat with hands)
  • main drink is compuesto
Inti Raymi Festival or Festival of the Sun in Cusco