How limited is a dog's vision?

Are their eyes really so bad?

Dog Vision

Many people think that dogs see in just a plain black, white, and gray world. Some say dogs see things really blurry. But all of those are false.

Humans vs. Dogs

Humans have 3 color-detecting cells called cones. With them, humans can distinguish blue from yellow, and red from green. However, dogs only have 2 cones. So dogs can distinguish

blue from yellow, but not red from green.

Dog Sight

It can be inferred that dogs have very unremarkable vision due to only a 60* angle in eye area and colorblindness to some colors, but there eye sight is way more significant than humans in certain places. A dog can quickly spot a moving target at a distance about 10-20 times better than a human can.


Despite many disadvantages a dog has in eye sight, the advantages are still way better. A dogs eye has a really strong muscle system, although a dog's nose and ears are more superior than a human's, the dog's eyes are still the most important organ in it's body.