Tech Talk

December 3 - 7 2018

POWTOON In The Classroom (FREE)

11 Quick & Amazing Ways to Use Powtoon in Your Classroom

Discover 11 ways that Powtoon can be used to integrate technology in the classroom,

1.Red Carpet Intros: Introduce yourself in the most glamorous and unique way possible…

2. Mission Impossible Template — Spy music and hi-tech theme turn any assignment into a secret mission (where your students are the heroes)

3. Five Facts Template —

Get your class focused with a checklist or countdown, (the most popular template for learning a new subject)

4. School Rules Template — Lay down your classroom rules in an unforgettable way!

5. Show Them How – The students become the educators and create How-to videos to explain a topic, highlight results or summarize large assignments!

6. Book Report Template — Typing up a book report is lame, becoming a storyteller and movie producer is awesome!

7. Blue Sky Template – DIY meets education! Use this template to help students imagine the future, create a blueprint where wishes can materialize!

8. School Syllabus Template — Ease tensions and peak interest by introducing your course syllabus in animation (the non-threatening medium

9. Summarize a Topic — Repurposing a work template for school!

10. Commercials — This totally original Powtoon takes you on a tour of a Plant Cell Amusement Park

11. Year in Review – Celebrate accomplishments, milestones and… graduation