WANTED: Asian Tiger Mosquito

By La'Naa Roberts and Angie Garces

Scientific Name: Aedes albopictus

Common Name:Asian tiger Mosquito

Physical Description:

Bold black shiny scales and distinct silver white scales on the palpus and tarsi. Adults of the mosquito have black bodies with visible white stripes.


It was first discovered in Japan. Is a now active species which is rapidly spreading across america

Method of transportation:

The tiger asian mosquito arrived in the United States by them spreading in the western hemisphere as a result of international trade in used tires.


The mosquito acquire diseases from a host animal when the female mosquito sucks the host's blood. In the United States the Asian tiger mosquito may spread diseases such as West wile virus and encephalitis.


Be sure doors and windows screens fit tightly and are good repair. Minimize time spent outdoors between day and night when mosquitoes are most active.
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