Digital Citizenship

Be safe on the internet

E-mailing and Texting

Make sure that you always re-read what you have typed. Do not say anything wrong or hurtful to someone else. Once you have sent it, it will never go away. When you think you delete something, somebody can take a screenshot or go back and see what you have typed. Parents and teachers can see what you have typed. For example, if you send a email to a friend and then clear the conversation, your friend or anybody can still see what you have typed. Never share any of your usernames, passwords, or personal information to anyone online, even if it is your best friend. Sometimes, even if you are joking, you can hurt someone's feelings by teasing them online. When you send an email with a joke, they can't hear your tone of voice, so that they don't know if you mean it or not.
Thumper - If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all