Fourth Grade Happenings

Week of April 4th


Comprehension Strategy: Review

For the next couple weeks, the kids will be grouped by interest for reading groups. We will be reading chapter books. The books not necessarily be on your child's grade level as we are really going to focus on how to have effective discussions and thinking deeper while reading independently. You child will be given a section of reading to do each night and will have a small job to do as they read. These will be listed on their bookmark. Our group time will be spent discussing what they read so they should have their reading done before group time. Thank you in advance for your support on this, as I know it's not always easy to get your child to read. I'm hoping they will be excited about this since it is something new.


Test on Friday over the three lists in their binder.


We will be going over a variety of skills in depth this week in math. We will be reviewing skills that should already be mastered and applying them to more complex problems. One of our major focuses will be how to explain our work in writing. We will do this through some real-life problem solving activities.

Social Studies:

We ended up doing the Southwest Region before Midwest, due to a slight mix-up while the sub was in last Monday. It was a short one though, so it worked out! We're going to stick with the same timeline for the MW.

We began our study of the Midwest Region on Wednesday. The kiddos have added a red set of flashcards to their rings. They should study a little each night. We will spend three weeks on the MW and will take a quiz over them on 4/14.

***Reminder- they need to know, state location and abbreviation in addition to the capital.

Electronic Flashcards:

Website for studying:

States and Capitals Rap:



Book Recommendations