Owls of Ga'Hoole book 1 the capture

by Kathryn Lasky


Soren who lives in the forest kingdom of Tyto, when the egg hatches Sorens parents name her Eglantine, one day while sorens parents are hunting, Soren's brother Kludd pushes him off the nest on the ground while a patrol from the St.Aegolius acedemy for the Orphaned capture Soren


Soren, a barn owl who lives in the forest kingdom of Tyto, his family is expecting a newborn to come, a little later it hatches and is given the name Eglantine, the parents later go hunting, at the edge of the of the nest, his brother Kludd pushes him off the nest. Two guards then find him Soren and then take him to St.Aegolius, the academy of the orphaned. Soren later meets Gylfie in the academy where they are forced to sleeping march, where they march under the moon light, where they get numbers Soren gets 12-1 and Gylfie recieves 25-1, Soren is warned by Gylfie if an owl ever sleeps in the correct position they forget their personality, he recieves a gaurdian named Auntie Finny they Meet a lot of people in the book like Hortense who tries to saves eggs Gylfie sees her doing this to later find out Hortense was not a victim of being moon blinked, but is later caught by Spoorn, Skench, Jutt, Jatt, and Auntie Finny who punish her by being pushed off at the highest point of the hatchery, they later meet Grimble to much suprise he isn't evil like the others, he teaches Soren and Gylfie how to fly but as they escape Grimble is killed by skench, where they meet digger, a burrowing owl the group then discovers he lost his family due to St.Aegolius marauders, Jatt and Jutt appear to kill the owls but the two eagles Hortense used to take care of come and kill both of them. Digger decides to join Soren and Gylfie's quest to get to the great Ga'hoole Tree, where they find Mrs.Plithiver, who also joins them. Soren later finds out that Kludd "Metal beak" and his army are planning to take over the owl universe. By the way this book has 226 pages

a quote from the book

"I've seen Grass Owls and Masked Owl. I've seen Bay Owls and Sooty Owls. Some of my parents' very best friends are Grass Owls." this quote was said while Soren was kidnapped by the two St.Aegolius guards, even though he is pretty young in this book