Adolf Hitler

Alexa Motz Academic 4

Adolf Hitler , the Nazi commander! Adolf Hitler was the German chancellor, he was one of the worst. Hitler was responsible for the mass killing of jews. Hitler lived 1889-1945. He committed suicide with his wife on April 30, 1945.

Hitler was a college drop out. He then applied for an art school, he was not accepted. That may have been why he wanted the Germans to be perfect. Hitler wanted Germans to be the same, blond hair and blue eyes. He wanted a super-race. Jewish people often had brown hair and brown eyes. Hitler used the great depression to come into power. He was a great speaker and convinced Germany he would help them out of the depression. He was the German chancellor, he almost all the power. In other words he was dictator.

Adolf Hitler was the evil Nazi commander and the German chancellor. Hitler was a very smart person, but he didn't put it to power in a good way. He used his power for bad. He wanted to be "perfect". Little did he know that perfect is possible. He used the great depression as an advantage. Hitler was also responsible for the Holocaust. He knew Germany was losing the war he would be blamed. He committed suicide on April 30, 1945.