The Pear Phone 5

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what does the Pear Phone do

The Pear Phone 5 is the latest invention from massive dynamics. It is much more affordable than Apple products. The Pear Phone has a lot of good features such as free WIFI wherever you go, unlimited apps, a 6 inch retina display and unlimited data plan. Best of all the phone is shaped like a pear and comes in a variety of colours if your are a parent it has restrictions and guidence so you can check your child 's phone. The Pear Phone has unlimited phone calls, photos and texting.

Why our target audience would like this product

I know kids twelve and up will like the phone because a lot of kids nowadays need a phone for security reasons if they are walking home alone. In addition, a lot of parents want to know what their kids do online. This is why our target audience would be interested in the product. The kids would benefit from having a new and cool phone while the parents are able to be connected with their children and are able to monitor their activities.

Why we chose to make the Pear Phone 5

We chose to make this product because we thought that when the I PHONE 5 came out, man it was expensive. We thought why not make a phone that's good, affordable and could come in handy. Also we thought why would parents spend so much money for a phone so that is why we created the Pear Phone.

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