Decorative rugs

We concentrate on quality Antique Rugs ,Textiles, Tapestries

Decorative rugs

We can help you to choose the best combination of rug types, colors and styles. Our aim is to bring your vision to life with our large and ever changing store of exquisite antique rugs, Custom rugs, Tapestries, Textiles etc.

Our Products

Antique Oriental Rugs

Lavender Oriental Carpets, a New York based company, specializes in Antique Oriental Rugs, Tapestries and Textiles. We not only decorate new and modern rugs, but also, offer a rug rental, repair and cleaning service. We help you to choose the right rugs for your residence or office. We also buy Antique or Modern Rug which is needed to furnish any room in your house or office.