My Summer with Beyond Study Abroad


An Adventure in Costa Rica for Student-Athletes

Last summer, I spent 6-weeks in Costa Rica with Beyond Study Abroad. I want to spread the word about this opportunity so please share with people who might be interested!

Beyond Study Abroad 2011

- Spanish Classes

In my Spanish Literature class, I enjoyed personal attention not available in traditional Spanish classes. Discussing the texts one-on-one felt more like a conversation than a lecture. While the class was difficult, my teacher was able to slow down or speed up according to my needs.

In order to receive credit, you need to fill out a petition for the Overseas department and if you want credit for a Spanish major/minor, you need to contact the Spanish department. The deadline to do so is around April 1st.

- Adventure Excursions

On the weekends, we traveled to amazing beaches and went zip lining in the rain forest and over waterfalls around the volcano.

My favorite memory from the excursions was getting body-surfing tips from Barbadian brudda David. The excursions really helped the group bond and offset spending part of your summer in a classroom.

- Service Learning

Coming into the program, I was most nervous about running the Sports Camp. Organizing activities for children is hard enough; add in a language barrier and I had no idea what I was going to do. We took a bit of a sink or swim approach. Josh, the program director, came with us the first few times but after that we were on our own. Like my soccer skills, my Spanish vocabulary was on a level similar to the campers. This helped with my Spanish more than anything else.

- Training

Beyond track and field athletes are able to train at University of Costa Rica's track facility which provides everything you need. The weight room workouts are intense and athletes from all sports push each other to get better. There is nothing better than going on runs around the beach or volcanoes on excursion trips.