By Emilee Pressley

Mars is a very unique planet

Mars is a very unique planet because it has some random dangerous thing on it. Mars has active volcano's that can erupt at any time.

Facts about Mars

1. Mars has volcanos on it

2. The red dot on the planet is not just there it is actually a hurricane 3 times bigger than Earth

3. The volcanos are active on Mars

4. Mars only has 2 known moons

5. The temperature on Mars is -87 or -5 degrees Celsius

The question people ask the most is can you live on the mars?

The answer to that is no because the temperature is really low and it is really cold because it temperature is -87 degrees. So no you can not live on Mars.

Humans and Mars

There has not been any humans on mars yet... They are working on the technology to send humans to mars in the future

Why is your topic so important space exploration?

Mars could be the next planet that might have human life on it one day. They have not found any yet.