ABC Learning

November/December 2016 Newsletter

Happy Birthday To You!

Happy Birthday to...

11/2: Frank V IV

11/4: Lueka F.

11/5: Joseph D.

11/5: Evelyn R.

11/5: Ms. Jimii

11/7: Alelxis M.

11/8/: Hattie P.

11/8: Nolan L.

11/9: Cecilia T.

11/10 : Calvin R.

11/11: Milo M.

11/12: Lilian E.

11/13: Landry R.

11/15: Carter K.

11/17; Charlotte C.

11/18: Charlie H.

11/22: Elliot M.

11/23: Grace D.

11/24: Ms. Brielle

11/26: Michael K.

11/26: Vivian S.

11/27: Haylie V.

11/29: Piper G.

11/29: Zachary P.

12/2: Hannah P.

12/4: Spencer S.

12/4: Liam C.

12/7: Memphis G.

12/9: Everly R.

12/10: Isabelle C.

12/12: Ms. Jenna

12/19: Finley Z.

12/20: Jacob H.

12/21: Maya G.

12/25: Anderson W.

12/30: Ryan C.

And Happy Anniversary!

11/15: Ms. Jenna (6 years)

11/18: Ms. Stephanie (2 years)

12/17: Ms. Loey (3 years)

Save the Date

November 11... Wear red, white or blue to honor our veterans.

November 29...CPR/First Aid class

December 8...Christmas Family Fun Night

Holiday Closings

November 23rd...No DCSD/Free 4 Year Old Preschool. Childcare will be available.

November 24th...ABC Learning will be closed.

November 25th...Child care will be provided by SIGN UP ONLY!

December 23-January 2nd...No DCSD/Free 4 Year Old Preschool. Childcare will be provided.

December 23rd and 26th...Child care will be provided by SIGN UP ONLY!

ABC Food Drive

ABC Learning will be hosting its annual food drive. If you would like to participate in the food drive, please bring non-pershiable items between the dates of November 7-18 and place the items in the box outside the classroom. The winning classroom will receive a $50.00 gift certificate of their choice to either Wal-Mart, Target or a Scholastic book order

Unified Therapy Screening

Unified Therapy will be in our building for free screenings on November 14th. Paperwork should have been in your child's cubbie. If you have questions, please see Ms. Melissa.