By Aramis Alvarado and Kayo Manuelito


Hey kids!!! Today we will learn about convection is the transfer of heat through a cycle of fluids. There are 3 different ways those 3 ways are convection, radiation, and conduction. As an a example hot air balloons. a flame heats trapped air in a pocket.

Why is is important

Did you know that convection is difficult to see? Convection is really important to Earth but hard to see. Without the circulation of air could not happen. Convection also moves tech tonic plates. This is why convection is important.

Temperature, and Density

Another important thing to Earth is temperature, and density, molecules collide with each other frequently. When the molecules move they tend to spread out, and fluids will have greater volume. That is why temperature, and density is important. Convection is part of our everyday life, and is all over the place but we don't see it.