Teammates Consult

Active learning tool

What is teammates consult?

strategy to use for problem solving and concept development situations. It allows the students an opportunity to think and discuss the problem before actually writing anything down. Students begin by putting all supplies in the center of the table. One student reads the problem or question to the team. Then they discuss the problem, making sure that each team member understands the information given and what they are asked to do. Possible strategies and answers are also discussed and explored.

Rubik's Cube-Math(matching colors)

Each group is going to have a sheet of paper and pencil, Rubik's cube. The group must develop a plan to solve the cube and write it on a piece of paper. The group must choose one member to follow the plan to solve the cube while standing up the members may help their group. The first persons that solves the cube first WINS! Each group will then discuss their plan to solving the cube.