Presidential Flyer

Job opening for President


Must be 35 years of age and a citizen of the United States for 14 years.


Salary is $400,000 a year along with $50,000 expense allowance

Retirement includes a pension, along with secret service protection for life

Constitutional Powers

Executive: Chief of the Army and Navy, make ⅔ of the senators, fill vacancies in the senate, give congress information on the state of the union,

Diplomatic: Advise the senate, Grant reprieves, commission all officers of the United States of America.

Judicial: Judge of the supreme court, appoint ambassadors,

To me the most important one is to be the commander in chief of the Army and Navy because that is what protects our country from other countries and terrorism.


Level 5 leader

Courage: strong person who is not afraid to make tough decisions

Compassion: someone who knows and can relate to the people

Intellect: person who has a prominent education and can has a solid decision making process

Humility: Person who does not view themselves as greater than those around them. Must be humble

Unwavering faith and overwhelming commitment to the good of nation above all else: Has a passion to make America great and will do everything in their power to benefit the people of the country.


By being president, I would have the power to make many difficult decisions. ISIS is an up and coming problem that the united States has to deal with. Declaring war may be everyone's first idea, but after talking with my advisers, Americans don't want anymore wars. Instead we would help allied nations take on ISIS. By providing them with amo and war tactics we can fight ISIS without ever declaring war on them. This would protect the United States and protect the views of many Americans on war. I would have to use my powers of negotiation and executive power. Negotiating with allied countries to agree on what needs to be done to fight terrorists. By using executive power I can pass new bills that help us raise money and provide necessary items to fight ISIS.

Lawson Zenner and Jake Marlier