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Fun in 3rd Grade

Busy! Busy! Busy!

The title above sums up our classroom these days! We have a little bit of everything going on! Read below to find out some of the exciting things we have worked on recently!

Mastering Math!

Fractions have not been stressing this group out! We have been working hard looking at fractions to uncover what numerator, denominator, part and whole mean in our math. Using food to teach fractions is always a good idea in a 3rd grade room! We have used sugary sweets to test our fraction skills. The end of our fraction fun is approaching! We still need to touch on how 2 fractions can be equal. Uo next for our math: geometry!

Write Away!

The writing test for PASS is quickly approaching. On March 19th and 20th, all 3-5 students, Every single day our class writes! As a teacher who loves writing, I thoroughly enjoy this part of our day! Our mini lessons in class have been focusing on improving our sentence fluency (using different sentence beginnings), using great leads to hook readers and including specific details in our writing! If you are interested in seeing final pieces of your child's writing, I have a them all saved! Just ask and I am happy to send home the folder of their published pieces. I feel that our room is in a good place for the upcoming writing test!
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Third Grade Technology Consultants!

Our class has been sharing our wealth of knowledge on iPads, research and figurative language! Students buddied up with first graders to use a research app to help their techy buddy learn more about the animal they were doing for their First Grade Animal Report! The students, both third and first, enjoyed the experience! The third graders did a remarkable job sharing their iPad knowledge and writing skills with the first graders!

This week, our class will be sharing our Animal Alliteration Adventure books with the kindergarten students. We used our newly gained knowledge of figurative language to create picture books for younger students who are working on identifying letters and counting numbers up to 20! I am so excited for our share time at the end of the week!

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Up and Coming Events!

March 13th: Late Start

March 21: BINGO night for YRES

April 1-5: Spring Break