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December 7-December 13, 2015

“Whatever the cost of our libraries, the price is cheap compared to that of an ignorant nation.”

Walter Cronkite

ACP Testing & Assessment Items

Beginning with the end in mind can be difficult, but it is extremely important that we internalize the goal of our instruction daily. Operating with the assessment item in mind as we walk our students down the instructional path, displaying mastery of the skill is critical to our students success on upcoming ACP's and EOC's. As classroom instruction is facilitated utilizing a STAAR formatted question as a DOL is ideal as you work to make sure that the rigor of the instruction is commensurate with the rigor of any assessment item a student may encounter. The more often students can see assessment items prior to the exam, the better prepared they will be for the challenges that are ahead. Released exams that are aligned with your instruction are excellent resources for beginning with the end in mind.

Ms. Ivery leads our wrestling team to victory.

Conrad Wrestling

Ms. Win uses students to help support her by having them help other struggling students understand class work.

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Small Groups

Data driven instruction is what guides and directs our teaching. Reviewing data and being aware of student weaknesses is what will lead our campus to the next level. Our ability to identify students who are in need of targeted support is important to meeting the needs of all of our students on campus. Within our lesson plans there is a space to make notes for how we will work with SPED and ESL students who require instructional support through small groups. While the needs of these students are the focus, all students benefit from small group instruction. Our instructional coaches have been working with small groups of re-testers to help them improve in categories that have been identified as areas of weakness.
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2015-2016 Key Actions

  1. Use of Teacher Excellence Initiative and spot observations to evaluate use of data to facilitate small group instruction within class to meet the needs of students who may struggle with understanding the first delivery of instruction. Problem areas must be anticipated and planned for daily.
  2. Use of Teacher Excellence Initiative to emphasize the use of an effective Demonstration of Learning to measure student understanding of concepts.
  3. Use of bell to bell instruction to increase instructional efficiency by minute to minute planning of classroom instruction.
  4. Enhance CATE Pathways through inventory of 21st century practices and strengthen alignment between NAF/State expectations and actual campus classroom practice to assure that students are career ready upon graduation from Emmett J. Conrad High School.

Failure rate increases

Below is data that displays our failure rate from the first semester to the second semester. Any time an instructors failure rate is above 20%, the instructor is required to put together a failure plan to address interventions for students who have struggles. Again what is beneficial for one set of students can be good for all students. Often times, the interventions created for our failing students would also benefit other students on an instructors course roster.
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Conrad Feeder Pattern Foci

Listed below are items that our entire feeder works to make norms for every class in the Conrad Feeder Pattern.

  1. Progress Monitoring: Teacher-managed Profiling & Student-managed Profiling
  2. Differentiated Individualized Professional Development
  3. Data Driven Decisions and Instruction
  4. Graphic Organizer Utilization
  5. Justification of student responses (i.e. How do you know? Why? What does that mean? Explain, etc.)
  6. Scaffolding Instruction
  7. Differentiate Instruction, inclusive of Small Group Instruction/Instructional Stations
  8. No Opt Out, Think-Pair-Share, Cold Call
  9. Content Specific Writing
  10. Content Specific Reading

This Week...

Monday, December 7

Tuesday, December 8
6/7:30pm-Varsity Basketball(Girls) vs Carrolton Creekview @ Creekview High School
6/7:30pm-Varsity Basketball(Boys) vs Pinkston @ Pinkston High School

Wednesday, December 9

6pm-Wrestling @ Conrad

Thursday, December 10

8:15 am- ACP Test Training in Library

6pm-Swimming at Loos

6pm-Senior Skating Night at Galleria Mall

Friday, December 11

6/7:30pm-Varsity Basketball(Girls) vs Hockaday @ Tasby Middle School

Saturday, December 12

Announcements & Action Items

  1. Please post lesson plans in a visible place for visitors to access. (Remember lesson plans should reflect pacing by the minute for components within the lesson plan)
  2. Be sure and review spot observation data and make the necessary adjustment before your next spot observation occurs.

Coming Soon...

December 18-22-ACP Testing