Juvenile Offenders

Should Juvenile Offenders Being Tried As Adults?

Should Juvenile Offenders Be Tried As Adults?

Yes, but only with serious crimes like Murder, Manslaughter, Attempted Murder, Etc.

Life In Prison

People wonder whether teenagers or any one under 18 should be tried as adults...But really it all depends on the case. "Williams" had attempted 2nd degree murder and pointed a gun at a officer. So in his case to me he deserves to be tried as an adult because of the violent continuous record.

Teens Should Absolutely Be Tried As Adults When They Do Adult Crimes

Teenagers are sometimes stupid and usually don't know what they're doing. But when a Teen turns around and shoots somebody he/she knows what they did. They know they shot somebody and possibly killed them. That alone should

Should Laws Treat Kids And Adults Differently

Everybody deserves there punishment even if there under 18. If someone gets killed then the person who commited the crime needs to serve there punishment no matter what. But only serious crimes like Murder, Grand Theft, Armed Robbery, Etc.


As said before teens should be tried as adults with only serious crimes. If they want to act like an adult and commit crimes like murder, robbery, grand theft, attempted murder, and so on, they can get a sentence like an adult.