The Loving Ms.Maudie

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Ms. Maudie's opinion

Ms. Maudie's opinion of the children is that she respects and cares for them. In the story it states "Jem Fimch, Scout Finch, Charles Baker Harris, come here!". By Ms. Maudie calling all of the children by their names shows that she treats them as equals. In addition to, she treats them like they're her own. It's shown in the story when it states "how'd you like some fresh pound cake to take home?". Also. Maudie's opinion of the Radleys is that they're secretive. The story shows it when Ms. Maudie says "the things that happen to people we never really know". Overall by Ms. Maudie questioning what happens in their house hold proves that they're secretive.

Why has Harper Lee included Ms. Maudie as an important character in the novel?

Harper Lee included Ms. Maudie as a main character because she is wise and is a role model. One example that proves she is wise is when she says "his name is Authur and he's alive." This shows that she has knowledge that the others don't have. Further more The story states "she called us all by our names." As a result of Ms. Maudie knowing everyone she is able to have a strong influence on them. Over all she gives insights on all of the charecters introduced.